Information about the Music Job Market in Berlin - Personal Advice and Accompaniment

Aim of the Project

The aim of the project „ Information about the Music Job Market in Berlin - Personal Advice and Accompaniment“ is to make the network of the State Music Council available to musicians who were forced to leave their home countries for political reasons.

The project is supported with funding from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe’s program Weltoffenes Berlin (cosmopolitan Berlin). 

For newly-arriving musicians, it is difficult to maintain an overview of the Berlin job market in the field of music. Often, they lack information on minimum requirements in terms of formal degrees and artistic qualifications, entry opportunities in the field of music, education structures, applying for funding, the social security system for artists or information on starting up a business. In most cases, experiences they made in their home countries are not applicable. They also face general problems such as applying for a work permit or insurance issues. 

Our Offer

The website of the State Music Council in Berlin will be expanded by a multilingual interactive map representing the musical landscape in Berlin with an overview of important locations such as music institutions, music industries, music schools and counseling services.

Important information on starting a career or a business in the field of music, seminars, events and other useful information for professional musicians will also be presented on the map. 

Additionally, the State Music Council offers multilingual advice and personal accompaniment to general and specialized counseling facilities. The consultation service is provided in Arabic, German, and English. Appointments can be requested and arranged by email.

The offer is complemented by translations services, both orally and in writing, for members of the Music Council and cooperation partners for specific offers. 

You can download our latest flyer here.

Cooperation Partners 

Berlin Music Commission
ver.di Berlin-Brandenburg
Berlin Mondiale
Initiative der Berliner Philharmoniker für Geflüchtete

Upcoming Events

Termine: Information about Berlin’s Music Scene for Transnational Musicians - معلومات حول المشهد الموسيقي في برلين للموسيقيين الدوليين

Business Startup Seminar for Musicians ندوة تأسيس شركة خاصة للموسيقيين

14.05.2019 - 09:30 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr

Datum: 14.05.2019
Uhrzeit: 09:30 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr
Ort: ver.di, Köpenicker Str. 30, 10179 Berlin, 6. Etage, Raum 6.01

ستقدم هذه الندوة معلومات حول الظروف العامة للعمل كفنان مستقل ولتأسيس شركة خاصة، وعن فرص التمويل وكيفية الانضمام للتأمين الاجتماعي للفنانين اضافة الى مواضيع أخرى مثل الضرائب و ادارة الاعمال .

منظم الندوة: ver.di


يمكنكم التسجيل عن طريق البريد الالكتروني

In this seminar, the focus will be on transferring knowledge about the general conditions of working as a freelance artist and starting up a business, funding opportunities (such as business grants), joining the artists' social insurance (KSK), business management and tax aspects, joint foundations and other topics.

Organizer: ver.di

Register for the seminar by email