Funding For Musical Projects

Culture Funding Point/Kulturförderpunkt Berlin

Culture Funding Point/ Kulturförderpunkt is Berlin’s first point of contact for Berlin’s artists and cultural practitioners who are looking for information on funding programs. Kulturförderpunkt offers free-of-charge consultations that provide basic orientation for project funding. Their service addresses all cultural workers wanting to realize a project in Berlin – regardless of project size or ownership. The website offers an extensive database with information on possible foundations and programs. Kutlturförderpunkt also organizes regular events, expert talks, workshops and networking events. All events are free of charge.

The German Music Information Center /Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum

The German Music Information Center provides a list of funding institutions which support music projects in Germany. For more information please visit their page. The German Foundations Centre/Deutsches Stiftungszentrum The centre offers important information about how to find a foundation that supports music projects.

Senate Department for Culture and Europe

The City of Berlin supports music projects and provides grants in the form of project funding and stipends to artists based in Berlin. It also provided funding for  intercultural music projects and international cultural exchanges.

Music Board

The Berlin Senate set up the Music Board in 2013  with the aim of strengthening the local pop music scene by supporting projects of national and international scope. The Musicboard Berlin aims to fund pop music in new and creative ways and maintain a dynamic discourse on pop music in Berlin.